As a Professional Bodybuilder, my body goes through intense workouts, but also requires an even higher intense recovery program. This is why I have gone to Dr. Keith Wagner for all of my aches and pains so that I can no longer be top 3 in the world, but to be the #1 in the world. His knowledge, along with his unfathomable willingness to find a remedy is why I have continued to see him. I have a hard work ethic, knowing that failure is not an option and seeing how Dr. Wagner works, neither does he which makes us a great team! 
Thanks Dr. Wagner for all of your amazing work.
Phil Heath
IFBB Pro Bodybuilder
Weider/AMI & Muscletch endorsed athlete
I have had several injuries from soccer; sprained ankles, and out of place hips, and knees.  By Dr. Wagner’s Chiropractic care I was able to get back onto the field faster than I expected.  After experiencing how fast the recovery time was, I decided to become a Chiropractor as well, in order to help many people. Alethe G.
For over twenty years I have had issues with my upper back. I have been to multiple chiropractors, osteopaths and physical therapists. The pain was relieved for a short period of time and then always returns. This is the first time that I have seen relief that has lasted. The combination of back adjustments and acupuncture are amazing. Wihtin a few weeks I began to see a difference. I would highly recommend Dr. Wagner. I only wish I had sought out his help years ago. Mary B.
This is a short story of my back, I hurt my back in New Zealand in 1998 and it was not to bad for a while, but the more I played golf the more it hurt. I went to see Dr Wagner when it was so bad I could hardly move. Well he started working on me and after a few treatments I was good again. This is after I went to Kaiser and they give me pain pills. All they did was upset my stomach. I go in and see Dr. Wagner once a month and he keeps me going and I have no trouble with my back. Don M.
After three years of leg and lower back pains, the pains dissappeared after six treatments from Dr. Wagner.  I’m impressed!Thomas L